Nationwide protest erupts over government’s Kinder Morgan pipeline buyout

July 18, 2018

Controversies over pipelines transferring fossil fuel or gas products have become a daily part of Canadian politics. In the past, we have seen many pipeline projects being scrapped like the Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline that was to connect Alberta to the port of Kitimat.

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The Clayoquot protests in Canada: all you need to know

July 12, 2018

The indigenous communities of Canada have to face challenges protecting their land and resources of survival from time to time. They have to fight the government and international companies to stall projects that could have negative environmental impact and damage their livelihood.

National protests

First Nations protest against the tanker ban affecting Eagle Spirit pipeline

July 3, 2018

Canada has seen its share of protest campaigns and court ruling over projects that involve territories belonging to indigenous and aboriginal communities and ecologically rich environments. Just back in 2016, the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project was scrapped by the Trudeau government citing reasons of ecological harm and threat to the survival of indigenous populations.

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The case of the Northern Gateway pipeline project

June 28, 2018

The Northern Gateway Pipeline project proposed to construct twin pipelines to deliver natural gas between Alberta and British Columbia – something that the government believes will help Canadians get better access to natural gas at a lower price. The project headed by Enbridge Inc. would enable it to export natural gas products through the marine […]