About the Public Hearings

A federal “Joint Review Panel” (aka JRP) led by the National Energy Board is currently reviewing the Enbridge proposal via a series of meetings across BC and Alberta. The panel’s three members are Sheila Leggett (Calgary), Kenneth Bateman (Calgary) and Hans Matthews (Ontario).

The panel’s review consists of community hearings and technical hearings. Over 5,000 British Columbians have registered to deliver oral statements at the community hearings, which were held in 2012 in communities along the pipeline route. You can read excerpts from these community hearings on the Northwest Institute site. Community hearings in Victoria, Kelowna, and Vancouver are happening in January and February 2013.

At the technical hearings, registered interveners are able to question Enbridge and present technical evidence for the panel to consider. These hearings cover economic implications, pipeline risks, and marine issues. The Northwest Institute has compiled summaries of each of the technical hearings.

Once hearings are completed, the Joint Review Panel will produce a report that will recommend whether or not the Enbridge project should be approved. The Panel’s report is then submitted to the federal cabinet, which will ultimately decide whether the Enbridge project goes ahead.

The Joint Review Panel is scheduled to complete its review in December 2013. For more information check out this page on the Forest Ethics site.

Need help getting ready for the JRP?

Take a look at the West Coast Environmental Law resources for citizens scheduled to present to the Joint Review Panel. View WCEL's resources.

Sierra Club BC has also compiled an excellent page of tips and resources.

Also check our 5 Big Problems, which nicely summarizes the most bullet-proof reasons why this project should never be approved.